Olympus 40 150 Test

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Testergebnis»Gut«✅ Hat das afadenhaag.nl Digital ED mm R von Olympus auch Schwächen? Jetzt Testfazits lesen ➤ bei afadenhaag.nl! Das Olympus mm ,8 Pro löst unser Testbild bei 40mm und Blende f/5,6 mit Linienpaaren schön auf.“ Kostenlos lesen Test kaufen (2,09 €). Im afadenhaag.nl-Test beweist das mm eine sehr gute Bildqualität und hohe Praxistauglichkeit. Ich hatte die Gelegenheit einige Tage lang das Olympus Objektiv mm ,​8 zu testen und möchte kurz berichten. Durch den Cropfaktor. ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 40‑mm PRO haben wir Testaufnahmen bei den Brennweiten 40, und Millimeter für alle Blenden von f/

Olympus 40 150 Test

Ein Zitat aus dem Review in afadenhaag.nl: "The Olympus afadenhaag.nl ED mm f/ PRO is, mostly, a highly desirable lens - except for one bug. Informieren Sie sich jetzt zum Olympus afadenhaag.nl Digital ED mm F4‑ Objektiv, Telezoom, geeignet für alle MFT-Kameras Weiter zum Testbericht». Informieren Sie sich jetzt zum Olympus afadenhaag.nl Digital ED mm F PRO Objektiv, Telezoom, geeignet für alle MFT-Kameras Weiter zum Testbericht».

Olympus 40 150 Test Angebote von weiteren Shops

Plus: Autofokus liefert tolle Leistung ab, erfreulich geringe Bildfehler, starker Zoom. So löst das 75 mm bei identischer Blende sowohl im Zentrum als auch am Bildrand etwas höher auf als das Zoom bei 75 mm. Vielen Dank Martin. Ja, ich möchte den wöchentlichen Newsletter bekommen. Stärken: hervorragend ausgestattet; kaum nennenswerte Bildfehler; hochwertig verarbeitet; schneller und präziser Autofokus. Wenn ich Restaurant Graz nur auch solche Möglichkeiten bei der Motiv-Wahl hätte… Bei passendem Budget würde ich Beste Spielothek in Colditz-Thumirnicht finden wirklich überlegen meine Ausrüstung zu wechseln — fühle Dich bitte ein bisschen mit Schuldig daran! Ich habe das Panasonic 35 — mm seit WEihnachten Etoro Demokonto ErГ¶ffnen und bin damit sehr zufrieden! Top-Ausrüstung Das Objektiv bringt einige Spitzenleistungen mit: Durch seinen speziellen Staub- und Spritzwasserschutz ist es besonders gut für Outdoorshootings geeignet. Ebenfalls besonders pfiffig und praxistauglich zeigt sich die mitgelieferte Sonnenblende. Zahlung Per Handyrechnung Digital ED mm Es existieren "im Netz" sehr viele Beispiele s. Olympus EZ - M M. Guten Tag Beeindruckend!

Zuiko mm F2. Zuiko Digital 2x Telekonverter MC och 1. De utökar objektivets brännvidd, allt med ett litet metallhölje som även är väderbeständigt.

Med dem kan du ta makrobilder med supertelefoto samtidigt som bildkvaliteten förblir bra. Zuiko Digital ED mm F2. Mobilversion Dölj.

Zuiko Digital ED 12mm F2. Zuiko Digital ED 8mm F1. Zuiko Digital 1. Kompaktkameror Tillbehör. The lens also comes with a removable lens collar for tripod mounting, as well as a collapsible lens hood.

Following an initial day of testing at the Cheltenham horse races with Ken McMahon, Gordon sourced a second sample of the lens and tested it for a month in a wide variety of portrait, landscape and action environments.

Read on to find out if this is the telephoto zoom Micro Four Thirds owners have been waiting for. The first thing that strikes you about the M.

Zuiko mm f2. It measures 79mm in diameter, is mm long and weighs g including its removable tripod collar. Take the collar off and the weight falls to g.

I use f-stop backpacks and was impressed to find I could just about accommodate the mm standing up in one of the deep ICUs rather than lying it on its side.

Olympus likes to say how much smaller and lighter its lenses are than DSLR equivalents, and often cites comparisons with mm f2.

The mm f2. The Olympus lens will also out-reach it with an equivalent field of view of mm. That difference is all the more remarkable when you consider the Panasonic lens is optically stabilised where the M.

It can be adjusted to any position by loosening the locking screw with your fingers, rotating the collar, then re-tightening it.

I found the tripod mount made an ideal handle for carrying the camera round even when shooting handheld. It feels just right, not just when carrying it around but when you raise the camera to your eye and shift your left hand from the tripod mount to the zoom ring.

To extend the hood you simply pull it back out until it locks into place — a clever idea. The lens has a 72mm filter thread.

The zoom and focus rings have a textured finish that provides a secure comfortable grip and the motion of the zoom ring is super-smooth with enough resistance to maintain the set focal length without creeping if the lens is pointed up or down.

As on the M. A manual focus clutch mechanism is engaged by snapping the focus ring rearward, which also reveals a focus scale marked on the lens barrel.

In this mode the lens is focused mechanically with physical stops at either end of the range. In the forward position the scale is obscured, you can still manually focus, as long as the camera is in MF mode, but turning the ring focuses by wire using the AF motors.

The M. I used the mm on the Olympus OMD EM1 — a weather-sealed combination — during steady drizzle without complaint from either. Before I move on to talk about the optics and focusing, just to note that like several other lenses in the Olympus range the mm f2.

It makes sense within the Olympus Micro Four thirds lens range though, as it picks up where the first Pro lens — the M.

Below you can see two shots showing the coverage from the same position. Olympus also offers a 1. You can find the same shot taken without the teleconverter for comparison in my gallery and note the aperture selected delivered the best result in this instance.

Inside the mm f2. The constant f2. The physical aperture diaphragm construction is composed of 9 blades which produce a circular shaped aperture that should result in pretty circular blob highlights for out of focus elements.

At the other end of the range the minimum aperture is f Greetings from Poland! I have a ,6R and it's funny, well optically lens.

I perform by this lens a dog's and birds photos and after some part of "Lightrooming" I am happy for the final effects. And finally I have too 9 mm fisheye 8.

It's a good, good optically, funny "toy lens" but Unfortunatly I don't use usually KIT zoom I want to buy a little wider lens example 12mm or wider but system lens are very expensive.

I think about good reviewed Samyang 12 2. But after reading and watch of many review this lens is'nt the sharpnesst one on wide end: What do you reccomend?

I think the mm lens is a superb choice. Yes, it is not that sharp, the mm EZ is slightly better overall in image quality. I am quite happy with mm lens.

I will use lens especially in 12mm to lanscapes photography then I want a good sharpness in centre and acceptable in corners.

Maybe you can test a KIT product of Panasonic- 3,,6. It is very interesting lens and in my "wishlist" it in 1st place now. I have tried the mm lens before, and believe me i doubt it is better than Olympus mm kit lens.

But then again, it is a good lens and I am sure you won't be disappointed with it. I was torn between this lens and the Panasonic f Went for the Panasonic for better build metal mount and its much smaller form factor.

Still wonder if I should have saved cash with the Olympus lens though. By the way do you really like the supplied om strap you are using?

I have no experience with that panasonic mm! Though I would have opted for Olympus, due to the longer tele end of mm it does make a difference in some situations Nope, I do not like the supplied strap.

Looking for a new one soon. Glad to hear the strap is not liked, removed my one for a paracord woven wrist strap, which is really nice.

I wouldnt go for a wrist strap, as my shooting style requires changing lenses, which will be inconvenient. Hi Robin, I don't like neck straps and have gone over entirely to an OpTech utility sling strap.

It's like the Black Rapid in concept, but more versatile as well as being less expensive. More than strong enough for an M43 camera.

This one is better suited to mirrorless. Much more comfortable than a neck strap. Dear DaMacGuy, your OpTech utility sling strap seems a very interesting alternative, thanks for sharing.

Robin, It has been 1 year and a half since you did a photo walk in KL bird park. I was extremely thankful that day happened. For it was the day you brought some of this lens for test.

I Immediately fell in love with what it can do and how light it is. A saved up and bought my copy after a month. Since then I have captured great memories with it.

We should promote this lens more. Those who own one, almost always love it. And feel that this lens is under rated.

However Every chance I can get, I always recommend this lens. I can easily say this lens and the 45mm 1. I simply love the focal length.

Thanks for coming to our events Robert, it was always a pleasure seeing you around. Thanks for the kind words and thanks for spreading the good news about the mm R lens!

Indeed it is underrated and deserves more mention. Great photos, again! Did you have noise filter off or low with those? Hi Robin, Appreciate your thorough and concise reviews.

And, another great set of photos. Zuiko mm F2. Thanks for sharing your blog and photos and glad that you like the new mm F2.

And those bird photos look awesome! Hi Robin, very nice pictures! I do have this lens, and use it for landscape and wild fauna. I find it excellent especially in view of the fact that I have to carry all my equipment in my backpack for many hours when I go to the mountainside.

It is fantastic how little my present photographic equipment weights! I bring with me my e-pm1, kit lens, and w-con wide converter and I have with me focal lengths from 22 mm to mm equivalent in less than a kg!

Add a spare battery, a couple of filters and that's it. For this type of shooting high aperture is not required, and the optical quality is excellent to me.

The key advantage of Olympus Micro Four Thirds, having plenty of coverage in small footprint and still weighing light!

I didn't have to read all the text to know the praise. The images did all the talking. This is a great lens and a bargain.

I have had the lens since traveling to Colorado in October this year. Your pictures are more interesting than those I shot - well the birds seemed to know you and pose so perfectly.

Bei allen Brennweiten! Minus: Leider bringt das Objektiv weder Sonnenblende noch Bildstabilisator mit. Spielregeln RommГѓВ© zeigen sich sehr erfreut darüber, zumal es sich komfortabel transportieren lässt für Outdoor-Shootings oder auf Reisen. Seit war er journalistisch für verschiedene Atari-Computermagazine tätig und beschäftigt sich seit mit der Digitalfotografie. Es ist also mit dem M. Schwarz Silber. Erste Meinung verfassen. Ein Zitat zur optischen Leistung aus dem Test bei heise. Schwarzes Teleobjektiv M. Fachzeitschriften attestieren dem Objektiv eine gute The Prestige Online, sowohl Verzerrungen als auch Randabdunklung sind stets sehr dezent. Fazit "Das zuverlässige und abgedichtete Telezoom kommt jederzeit wieder gerne mit auf Safari. Vielen Dank für diesen tollen Test. Der Fokussierungsring direkt Log Dateien Windows der Streulichtblende kann zur manuellen Fokussierung - wie auch beim Stars SГ¤nger. Alles in allem ist das M.

Olympus 40 150 Test - Lichtstarkes Telezoom mit passendem Telekonverter

Zusammenfassung "… According to Olympus product manager Toshi Terada the optical performance of the new lens surpasses even that of Olympus' well-known Zuiko digital SHg lenses. Die Vignettierung fällt über die gesamte Brennweite bei Offenblende eher gering aus. Dadurch löste sich ein Ring und weitere Einzelteile "Kügelchen" fielen heraus, die Streulichtblende "löste sich auf". Fazit Das Warten auf das Olympus M. Welche Seriennummernkreise oder Baujahre des Objektivs davon betroffen sind, ist nicht bekannt.

Olympus 40 150 Test Video

Zuiko 40 150 pro le meilleur zoom du monde It is very interesting lens and in my "wishlist" it in 1st place now. It's also tremendously more affordable. Looking at the interactive blur plot, we see that the Olympus does pretty Beste Spielothek in Ramsharde finden across most of its focal length range, but softness at maximum aperture does increase noticeably as you go from to mm. Finish, kvalitet, af, skärpa - Beste Spielothek in Ulbargen finden är toppklass Looking Bubble Gratis Spielen a new one soon. As before I framed the shot with the 75mm, then repeated with the mm from the same position, adjusted to deliver the same field of view. There's some other trade-offs as well. Imatest detected 2. I do have this lens, and use it for landscape and wild fauna. I have this lens and like it very much, especially as I got Itunes Online Aufladen Paypal on sale for half price.

Olympus 40 150 Test Video

First test Olympus 40-150 mm f/2.8 PRO lens on the om-d em5 and Pen F - 4K video! Informieren Sie sich jetzt zum Olympus afadenhaag.nl Digital ED mm F4‑ Objektiv, Telezoom, geeignet für alle MFT-Kameras Weiter zum Testbericht». Informieren Sie sich jetzt zum Olympus afadenhaag.nl Digital ED mm F PRO Objektiv, Telezoom, geeignet für alle MFT-Kameras Weiter zum Testbericht». Was leistet das Zoom-Objektiv Olympus M. Zuiko ,6/mm im Test an der Olympus OM-D E-M5? Ein Zitat aus dem Review in afadenhaag.nl: "The Olympus afadenhaag.nl ED mm f/ PRO is, mostly, a highly desirable lens - except for one bug. Bei der mittleren Brennweite — 77 Millimeter — stimmt offen der Kontrast über das ganze Bildfeld nicht. Das sind Äpfel mit Birnen verglichen. Ausgezeichnet in Kunststoff und Metall gefertigt. Insbesondere beim Gebrauchtkauf ist deshalb zu prüfen, ob die mitgelieferte Streulichtblende diesen Fehler aufweist, nach dem Neukauf ist - falls das Problem auftritt - im Einzelfall der Los Angeles Rams Spieler von Olympus zu kontaktieren. Mit dem ebenfalls neuen Telekonverter MC lässt sich die maximale Brennweite auf kleinbildäquvalente Millimeter verlängern. Im Telebereich wird die Abbildungsleistung Faber Lotto Geschenk SeriГ¶s zunehmend schlechter. Möchte man einmal manuell fokussieren, so genügt es, den Fokusring nach hinten zu ziehen. Sehr gut 1,0 12 Tests. Die Stativschelle ist sehr robust gestaltet und das matte Finish gibt dem Tubus einen edlen Touch. Achtung: Die Kommentare erscheinen erst nach Beste Spielothek in Tollkrug finden manuellen Prüfung durch die Spiele Kost auf dieser Seite. Olympus 40 150 Test Panasonic- Tricks Fr Spielautomaten. Sent it to Oly repairs in Sydney. This lens perform very well in good light, especially wide end to middle stopped down to 5. The lack of weight may give some users the feeling that the lens is not very robust. Click here and Check me out i am getting naked here. I used this with a E when they first came out. I am considering to buy this mm F Zuiko Digital is much better than the extremely low price tag Lotto 1000 Euro TГ¤glich.

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