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Finde die besten Decks über unserem Hearthstone Meta Report! Diese Meta Reports spiegeln den Snapshot der aktuellen Meta wider und listen die Top Decks. Die besten Hearthstone-Decks! Bei uns findest du alle Top Decks als Guides von Pro-Gamern, aus Turnieren und der Community! Herzlich Willkommen zur neunten Ausgabe "Top of the Decks – Die besten Hearthstone Decks"! In diesem umfangreichen Format. Herzlich Willkommen zur siebten Ausgabe “Top of the Decks – Die besten Hearthstone Decks”! In diesem umfangreichen Format möchten wir. Finde beliebte Hearthstone-Decks für jede Klasse, Karte und Spielmodus. Vergleiche Gewinnraten und finde das Deck für dich!

Besten Hearthstone Decks

Die besten Hearthstone-Decks! Bei uns findest du alle Top Decks als Guides von Pro-Gamern, aus Turnieren und der Community! Das beste Aggro Deck. Auch der Zoo Warlock, eines der ältesten Decks in der Hearthstone Geschichte, hat in der neuen Meta eine der besten. Wir verraten euch die besten Hearthstone Meta-Decks in Blizzards Kartenspiel. Erfahrt hier alle Gewinnerstrategien und wie ihr Decks. With the pirate package to deal some early-game damage and Schalke Meister 2001 as another finisher, it's not really that rare to win on turn 6 or 7. BetaMomb 67 3 years ago. Just a quick update about the recent five-card nerf. It'll take a bit of time for the meta to smooth itself Monopoly City Regeln again. All in all, we recommend you use this Deck Tier List as Deagel Deutschland guide hub for the decks, but not as gospel on which deck you should always play. Feenblurg 48 2 years ago. Our Hearthstone tier list contains a ranked review of the most competitive Hearthstone decks to play in the month of July Season Besten Hearthstone Decks Ashes of Outland: Die 5 besten Hearthstone-Decks im Mai. © Blizzard. Autor: Daniel Badic. Wir verraten euch die besten Hearthstone Meta-Decks in Blizzards Kartenspiel. Erfahrt hier alle Gewinnerstrategien und wie ihr Decks. Die besten aktuellen Hearthstone Decks – frisch aus der Meta. Hearthstone 12 Juli Das Tempo Demon Hunter Deck ist sehr beliebt und sehr erfolgreich. Unser Experte Mike hat unseren „die besten Hearthstone-Decks“-Bereich aktualisiert und ihn dem aktuellen Naxxramas-Meta angepasst. Schaut mal rein und. Das beste Aggro Deck. Auch der Zoo Warlock, eines der ältesten Decks in der Hearthstone Geschichte, hat in der neuen Meta eine der besten.

Midrange Murlock Paladin Deck. Hearthstone Classic Highlander Priest Deck. Higlander Dragon Priest Deck mit Kazakus. Control Dragon Priest Deck.

Spiteful Dragon Priest Deck. Control Priest Deck: Big Priest. Aggro Shaman Deck. Aggo Schurken Deck: Tempo Rogue. Miracle Rogue: Mit Leeroy Jenkins.

Control Rogue: Millrogue Deck mit Kingsbane. Quest Rogue: Abstieg in die Tiefe. Neu auf GosuGuides. Registriere dich jetzt kostenlos. Hearthstone Die besten Decks der Standard Meta.

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I hope you will continue to have such articles to share with everyone! Sigariot 2 6 months ago. Galakrond Warlock deck is nice but often loose to aggro Warrior, Hunter and control Priest.

I tweaked it a bit for nice energy. Removed eggs 1 each and 1 fire imp 3 dmg hurts against aggro. Works great!

You can worst case boost Galakrond faster, get 4x Jeklik for heal, have 2x Kronx to pull Galakrond and devastate or have 4x ugraded Galakronds for 4 demons and weapon refresh.

Try it! It's fun! Boboflex 3 9 months ago. I'm trying to find some arena started deck lists please.. Boboflex 4 9 months ago.

Bedders 5 A year ago. Hi folks, I've just put together an updated take on the tier list for the start of April. This will obviously be all up in the air once Rise of Shadows goes live but we'll follow our usual approach with the new expansion: - Add a separate section above the tier list, with all the latest deck lists sorted by hero.

We've been covering expansions this way now for a few years, but I would welcome any feedback on improving the process. It's going to be a bit crazy here for the next few weeks, so please bear with me as I get the new archetypes covered and the old ones updated.

We'll get there! I'm just rubbish lol. More practice required. Is the Zoo Warlock deck in tier 1 to get through the ladder quickly or because it can push high?

I'm struggling with this deck once reaching rank Bedders 8 A year ago. Just a quick update about the recent five-card nerf. I'm going to put together a quick list of the current top ten decks as per hsreplays and put it in the tier list as a temporary update.

It's only been a couple of days since the patch went live so this shouldn't be considered the final word. It'll give you some direction over the weekend though.

On Monday when a clearer picture of the new meta emerges I'll do a proper refresh of the whole list - again that'll keep changing over time.

Bedders 9 A year ago. Annoyingly, the balance patch dropped right after I'd gone away on holiday over Christmas.

I'm back in properly from the 2nd January but have given the list an early shuffle to reflect the latest changes in the meta - expect a more finessed update when I'm back.

I'll also be overhauling all of our deck guides starting from the 2nd as well. Stem 10 A year ago. Bedders 11 A year ago. Hi folks, I've just done a pass on the tier list that sorts the best decks by hero.

Some of these need updated deck lists, but I hope to have all of these up to date within the next hour or two. Apologies if that's not the case when you read this update.

Once things have settled a little more we'll start properly folding all the new and old decks into the tier list, taking into account match-ups between individual decks across all heroes.

I dont know about Malygos Druid staying tier 1 any longer. With the rise of control decks to counter aggro decks, they can gain so much armour that it makes your combo unusable.

Decks such as odd warrior, control warlock, and even exodia mage can either game way too much armor or break your combo quite easily.

Bedders 13 A year ago. I've just done a quick update which is a first pass at ranking decks within each hero bracket, with the strongest at 1.

You'll find the more experimental decks just beneath, in case you want to try something that needs a little refinement.

It feels far too early to comprehensively rank decks as part of an overall collection, but we'll have an update on that front for you as soon as we can.

Bedders 14 A year ago. Just a quick update to say that we'll start ranking decks within each hero bracket after the weekend. After a week or so more play we'll start folding everything into the tier list proper.

Hope you're having fun in Boomsday Bedders 15 A year ago. For the second update this month I've started adding in links to the latest theorycraft decks that are emerging in the wake of the final card reveals.

There are lots more on their way so check back soon. Keep in mind that these deck lists are going to be tweaked right up until launch and then regularly after that.

At the end of launch week I will start ranking decks within each hero bracket to give some kind of steer on their relative power.

Once the meta has settled down after that I will remove the per-hero list and properly fold everything into the tier list that you're used to.

This is the approach we've taken for a couple of years now and it seems to work well when things are so uncertain and hectic. If you've any feedback about how we might be able to do this better, reply with an Bedders without the space so I see your comment.

Bedders 16 A year ago. Gets fiddly swapping entries around and I appreciate the spot! Bedders 18 2 years ago.

Oppen Whoops, this is actually an oversight on my part. I will add it in now. Oppen 19 2 years ago.

Call to arms, while a great early game tool, Was hardly the major win condition of this deck. I eat odd Paladins and even shamans alive.

My biggest struggles before the nerf were cubelocks and secret mages. While secret Mages are still a thorn. Cubelocks are consistently defeatable now.

Bedders 20 2 years ago. Something else to add is that I'm also going to do a quick deck list update for the top ten decks before I go.

A handful have shot up that need a pretty urgent update - bear with me! Bedders 21 2 years ago. Xpzist Hi there, the first update for June is now live and takes the recent round of nerfs into account.

Please keep in mind that this is still subject to change but I'm reasonably confident this is a decent starting point for the beginning of Season I'm off for a few days, but I wanted to get something together that you could all work with - there'll likely be another update when I'm back next week.

Xpzist 22 2 years ago. Bedders 23 2 years ago. Madic Glad you like it! Unfortunately I'm about to go on holiday for a week, but when I'm back I'm going to do a proper review of the top ten.

It's always a bit wobbly at the start of a new expansion meta I'm afraid. Madic 24 2 years ago. Hi Bedder Thanks for a great website!

Just wanna say that I've been having a lot of fun with a spiteful even paladin deck. It's probably around tier 3 verging on Bedders 25 2 years ago.

I really thought they were in for a treat after such an abysmal months. Bedders 27 2 years ago. The first proper update for The Witchwood is now live.

I'll be doing another pass on this in a couple of weeks but this should give you a pretty good overview of how the meta's shaping up. There will be more changes to come though.

Bedders 28 2 years ago. I hope you're all enjoying The Witchwood. It's too early to start doing a hard ranking of every deck seeing play right now, but there are some obvious stand-outs for each hero and this list is getting a bit bloated so I've split it down for each hero.

In each case there's now a list of front-runner decks and a list of more experimental archetypes. Be particularly careful about crafting anything in the latter category.

Hopefully that should give you some rough guidance on what to play for your favourite classes at least. I'll get another update going this week.

Bedders 29 2 years ago. I've updated the tier list for the start of the February season. As I've mentioned in the update notes we have a round of card nerfs coming probably in the next week or so.

I'll revisit the rankings again mid-month once the dust has settled on everything a bit. It'll take a bit of time for the meta to smooth itself out again.

Bedders 30 2 years ago. Bedders 32 2 years ago. Happy New Year! I've just updated the tier list for the start of Season I'm going to update the article again in a couple of weeks, but things seem reasonably settled at the moment.

Xiimbox 33 2 years ago. Bedders I think that your solution is just perfect. Bedders 34 2 years ago. Xiimbox I appreciate the feedback, really!

It helps make things better in the long run so I'm always interested to hear how things can be improved. Apologies for the late reply btw, AGM and big, big Christmas party yesterday Xiimbox 35 2 years ago.

Bedders As I said, I love the site and I come myself for guidance and to refine my own decks. I was just surprised with some of the placements.

Anyway, I'm glad if I helped somehow. Keep up the good work and greetings from Spain. Bedders 36 2 years ago. I don't want that to happen.

On the other hand I have to juggle the fact that people do want guidance even at this stage I've had contact mails to that effect.

As a middle-ground I'm going to split the list down into individual heroes. That way people get a snapshot of what's working per class, without feeling that they should be crafting away from their natural inclination.

I have some ideas about how to better present the info from that point onwards, but that won't be until after the weekend, and for various reasons unrelated to the Hearthstone meta.

I hope that's a middle-ground that works for everyone. It's late in the UK now so I'll pick this up again in the morning.

Xiimbox 37 2 years ago. Bedders I agree that it is too soon, so whats the point of making a list? I mean, Highlander Priest tier 2? I wish it was! Demon Warlock tier 3??

Maybe one week ago it was! I get that people demand lists to know what's safer to craft, but this one is not helping at all Bedders 38 2 years ago.

The bands are always much wider at such an early stage of the meta and will be narrowed in time. How can it be any other way? I don't have any doubt that right now it's a Top 5 deck though, and the public data points that are out there back this up.

A few days ago no-one was running Corridor Creeper. Who knows what changes will happen in the next 72 hours? Xiimbox 39 2 years ago.

Recruit Paladin tier 1? Yeah right. I love this page, but somitmes you just describe meta as you would like it to be, no as it is. Recruit Paladin is nowhere near tier 1.

Bedders 40 2 years ago. Bedders Was slightly surprised to still see jade Druid in tier 1, as my win rate with it has completely collapsed in the last month.

Interesting to see what emerges with new expansion, keeping my dust for a bit. Bedders 42 2 years ago. I've updated the list again this afternoon and right ahead of the December Season 45 start.

I've mentioned this in the update section of the article but things are once again going to be a bit weird at the start of the new meta.

Here's how I'm going to handle it: - The tier list itself remains unchanged for December as there's too much fluctuation and we'll also be off for at least part of Christmas.

Across all the expansion and adventure releases I've covered on Metabomb, I've yet to find a better way of handling things than that.

It's always going to wildly fluctuate in Month 1 and be experimental, but we can at least highlight cool new stuff for you to try as we move into the new meta with the usual caveat that you should probably hold off on crafting stuff for the first few weeks!

Bludsh0t 43 2 years ago. Just opened Price 2. What luck. Now time to update a load of decks! Bedders 44 2 years ago. Phoenix Hey sorry for the delay in replying, I've been off a bit this week.

Control Warrior is on the list to update but probably won't get to it until the start of Season 44 now. I'll try to do it earlier though.

Phoenix 45 2 years ago. I've run into it a bit on ladder, and I've seen streamers play it- it looks maybe tier on first guess.

Where do you think it's placed? Feenblurg 46 2 years ago. Bedders Thanks! You guys run a good site! Bedders 47 2 years ago. Feenblurg 48 2 years ago.

I hate to be that guy, but your Control Mage link takes you to the page for Aggro Paladin. Bedders 49 2 years ago. Phoenix Yeah I've been thinking it's too highly placed.

I thought it would drop at least one in the mid-month review and it's starting to stick out. I'm going to shunt it down to Tier 2 now.

Phoenix 50 2 years ago. After playing for awhile, I'm beginning to suspect Midrange Hunter is tier 3 at best. It's been moving down the tier list on sites like disguisedtoast.

It seems just a little Maybe Face Hunter or "hybrid hunter" is better though, not sure. Bedders 51 2 years ago.

Phoenix Glad you find it useful! Phoenix 52 2 years ago. Great update! I'm excited to see Zoo come back, the Prince is doing wonders for the meta.

Tempo rogue is a really neat deck- I wonder how it would have done back before the nerfs? Also, surprised to see midrange hunter as tier 1- not surprised as in I disagree, but surprised as in it actually happened as people predicted.

I'm also very sad to see Miracle Rogue is tier Tempo is the new aggro for now, I guess! Bedders 53 3 years ago. I've given the tier list another looking over in preparation for the August meta.

With Frozen Throne launching in the next couple of weeks though, it's unlikely this will be updated again now until September.

As always we will be rapidly producing guides to the latest expansion decks, so we'll pop them in this article in a separate section. Once the launch frenzy has settled down we'll work out where they belong in the overall roster of competitive decks.

Be interested to hear your predictions for what's looking strong based on the card reveals so far? Bedders 54 3 years ago.

This has now been updated. We'll give it another going over at the very start of August. Bedders 55 3 years ago. I've been on paternity leave for a fortnight and so getting caught up on everything now.

I hope to have this tier list refreshed in time for the weekend. I've actually been having quite a bit of success with water rogue rank 4 , the main weaknesses being devolve and dragonfire which is quite rare to come across.

With the pirate package to deal some early-game damage and Leeroy as another finisher, it's not really that rare to win on turn 6 or 7.

Bedders 58 3 years ago. BetaBomb It tallies pretty neatly with the data sources that are out there and are part of our rankings. I wouldn't get too hung up on movement up or down a single rung outside of the very top tier.

No one's saying they're dramatically inferior and I think the further you go down the list, the more that personal preference and aptitude for and with any single deck start muddying the waters.

BetaMomb 59 3 years ago. Glad to see that Midrange Hunter is Tier 2, it's quite a strong deck that doesn't get the love it deserves. Although, I'm not sure why Taunt Warrior and Miracle Rogue were moved down, they're still very powerful and reliable decks.

Bedders 60 3 years ago. Just to let you know by the way that we've done a mid-month update to the tier list this morning.

Besten Hearthstone Decks Seit knapp über einer Woche ist Ruinen der Scherbenwelt inkl. Was haben Galakrond-Schurke und -Krieger gemeinsam? Wenn sich in einer Deckliste Murlocs, Wildtiere, Drachen und Mechs befinden, sollte sich zumindest schon einmal ein Hauch von Skepsis anbahnen. Nachdem der Auferstehungs-Priester die Quest Aktiviert den Obelisken gegen ein kleines Galakrond-Paket getauscht hatte, konnte der Archetyp deutlich an Beliebtheit und positiven Match-ups zulegen. Ihr sucht ein Deck, was alles kann und eure Kontrahenten heulend in die Reddit-Foren schickt? All das erfahrt ihr in der kommenden Ausgabe von Karo Herz Pik Kreuz of the Decks, mit Lotto Comde ihr in der Woche des Hier erfahrt ihr, wie TempoStorm, Zum Flirten Coins. Der Gefangener Schrottwichtel hat den Zoo-Hexenmeister in ein langsameres, aber dafür brandgefährliches Deck verwandelt, sofern ihr diese Karte in den frühen Runden einer Partie auf das Board zaubern könnt. Bekommt der Galakrond-Schurke aber die Zeit, die Beste Spielothek in Krummendeich finden benötigt, um richtig loslegen zu können, gibt es im Grunde genommen kein Match-Up, welches sich nicht gewinnen lässt. Handlock deck list guide Ashes of Outland. As always, keep in Spielstation Г¶ffnungszeiten Feiertage that some of the comments appearing above this one may refer to an older version of the Spiele Gems & Stones - Video Slots Online. Bislang erscheint es so, als würde der Galakrond-Schurke, welches wohl eines der besten Decks der letzten Erweiterung gewesen ist, aktuell von seinem Highlander-Verwandten geschlagen werden. Not got an account? Das erschreckende an diesem Archetyp ist, mit welch einer Verlässlichkeit er dieses optimale Szenario erreichen Lotto Online Spielen App. It could be arguably as integral as, say Twilight Drake, or Azure Drake the latter of which is far less integral to this deck than it is to many other decks since the only card that benefits from its Spell Damage buff is Consecration.

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This SHAMAN Deck has 100% WINRATE This Year?! - Ultimate Galakrond Shaman - Hearthstone

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Nach einer umfassenden Orientierungsphase, in der das neue Geheimnis- mit dem ebenso neuen Verstohlenheit-Paket konkurrierte, hat das Erstgenannte das Rennen gemacht und sich nahtlos in den Archetypen integriert. Dementsprechend müsst ihr bei den beiden Druiden-Decks die Meta eures speziellen Beste Spielothek in Kleinenwieden finden genau betrachten, bevor ihr euch ins Getümmel stürzt. Einziger Vorwurf: das Deck versprüht nicht den ganz frischen Wind, da es schon seit mehreren Monaten in vergleichbarer Form funktioniert. Geschrieben von. Zudem Billionaire Casino es sehr einsteigerfreundlich, da es auch ohne genaue Kenntnis der gegnerischen Strategie bestens funktioniert. Müssen wir dazu noch mehr sagen?

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Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Leider wird Uther in diesem Szenario zum Opfer seiner zusammenhangslosen Klassen-Karten, die er in den vergangenen Erweiterungen erhalten hat. Im Grunde genommen geht ihr mit dem Archetypen in kein einziges Match-Up, in welchem ihr klar unterlegen seid. Wir versuchen dabei jeden Monat einen guten Mix aus den besten und unterhaltsamsten Decks für euch herauszusuchen. Demon Hunter wird in den verschiedensten Versionen gespielt, aber als Tempo-Variante mit den hier gezeigten Karten feiert er aktuell wohl die meisten Siege.

Besten Hearthstone Decks - Die Rückkehr der Galakrond-Decks

Die Meta ist seit dem neuesten Hearthstone-Addon Ashes of Outland ordentlich durcheinander gewirbelt. Du hast selbst coole neue Decks gefunden oder noch fragen zu den Decklisten, dann schreib mich einfach auf Twitter oder Facebook an! Gefangene Todesklaue hat sich als eine mächtige Karte erwiesen und stellt einen gefährlichen Spielzug im frühen Verlauf einer Partie dar. Sobald ihr Deutsche Bank Walsum das Board aus der Hand gebt, habt ihr verloren. Dank herausragender Drachen-Karten wie Sturmhammer oder Ätzender Atmender perfekten Synergie mit Rasende Teufelsschwinge und einem kleinen Geheimnispaket, kann der Drachen-Jäger extrem früh und extrem nachhaltig Druck auf den Kontrahenten aufbauen. Update am Die Kreaturen, die ihr auf der Hand habt, wollen nur selten direkt gespielt werden, oftmals wächst eure Hand von Runde zu Runde, ohne dass ihr etwas Sinnvolles damit anstellen könnt. Natürlich könnt ihr ein Deck Bad Oeynhausen Casino importieren, falls euch Karten aus der Liste fehlen. Thrall hatte im Verlauf der vergangenen ersten Spiele Wild Rain - Video Slots Online des neuen Jahres nur wenig zu lachen. Unvorbereitete Spieler erleiden durch diesen Spielzug bereits ersten direkten Schaden. Bereits vor dem letzten Nerf war das Deck sehr gut. Mithilfe dieses Ansatzes hat es Anduin geschafft, das einzige Spicy Roulette Konter-Deck zum Tempo-Krieger zu erstellen, eine Tatsache, die dem Archetypen im Verlauf des nächsten Monats weiteren Auftrieb bescheren könnte. Wie gewohnt freuen wir uns riesig über Fragen, Rückmeldungen, Kritik oder Diskussionen über die vorgestellten Decklisten! In diesem Guide zu den besten Hearthstone Meta-Decks erfahrt ihr:. Auch wenn ihr ihn nicht für jede Runde unbedingt benötigt, richtig krachen kann das Deck nur mit ihm. Mit einer guten Maus Jetzt bei MediaMarkt kaufen! Der Kontroll-Hexenmeister scheint währenddessen den Anschluss verloren zu Spiel 77 Wahrscheinlichkeit und rutscht weiter ab. Nichtsdestotrotz haben wir euch zwei Deck-Listen ausgegraben, die zumindest einen Hauch von Rich Casino Login mit sich bringen Machina Mayhem eine erfrischende Abwechslung Schwarze Truhe Meta-Alltag darstellen. Alles in allem stellt der Auferstehungs-Priester allerdings eine exzellente Wahl für die Ladder dar, Beste Spielothek in Eschenried finden wir euch nur wärmstens empfehlen können. Unterm Strich ist der Highlander-Jäger wohl das optimierteste Bubble Gratis Spielen ausbalancierteste Deck der gesamten Meta. Alle Spieler finden gemeinsam heraus, welche Karten und Kombos Rubbellose Paypal gut sind und welche Strategien oft zum Sieg führen — das Metagame entsteht.

Aggo Jäger Deck: Face Hunter. Secret Hunter Deck. Aggro Krieger Deck. Pirate Warrior. Aggro Paladin Deck. Aggro Paladin Deck mit Val'anyr. Tempo Paladin Deck: Murlock Paladin.

Midrange Murlock Paladin Deck. Hearthstone Classic Highlander Priest Deck. Higlander Dragon Priest Deck mit Kazakus.

Control Dragon Priest Deck. Although, I'm not sure why Taunt Warrior and Miracle Rogue were moved down, they're still very powerful and reliable decks.

Bedders 60 3 years ago. Just to let you know by the way that we've done a mid-month update to the tier list this morning.

Bedders 61 3 years ago. I would caution that Dragon Priest has been around a lot longer than Quest Rogue and so stands a better chance of remaining viable in the next expansion.

I still think it's probably the better bet for the long run. Bedders 62 3 years ago. Quest Rogue vs. Dragon Priest Which one do you guys think is the best right now and in the near future?

It-s-A-Secret 65 3 years ago. Which deck do you think is the best one you could afford if you are on budget? Except for midrange hunter.

BetaMomb 67 3 years ago. I feel like Midrange Paladin and Aggro Druid should be moved up to Tier 1, as they're two of the strongest decks in the game right now.

Midrange Paladin has a very flexible gameplan, making it easy to adapt to your opponent's deck while neutralizing their threats, and Aggro Druid has some incredibly powerful early game combos that can make it impossible for your opponent to catch up with you.

Bedders 68 3 years ago. Things are still moving around at the top quite a bit. Bedders 69 3 years ago. Bedders 72 3 years ago.

I've updated this article for the final stages of the May metagame. As always, keep in mind that some of the comments appearing above this one may refer to an older version of the article.

Bedders 73 3 years ago. BetaMomb I'm actually revising the list tomorrow and have planned some of the changes you've mentioned!

BetaMomb 74 3 years ago. I know this is already the second tier list suggestion I've made this month , but I just want to get off my chest what changes I feel are necessary.

Elemental Shaman should be moved down to Tier 3. It's just not that prevalent in this meta, and there are many stronger options. They're all very strong and widely used decks that have consistently high win rates.

Especially Control Mage, it's the strongest deck Mage has, and Mage is currently one of the strongest classes.

Other possible but not quite necessary changes: Control Mage could even be moved to Tier 1, it's that strong.

Control Priest could be moved to Tier 3 I feel like it's Tier 2. Aggro Druid could be moved to Tier 1.

Silence Priest could be moved to Tier 2. Bedders 75 3 years ago. BetaMomb Cheers, it gets a bit fiddly working with the code behind this so it does happen!

BetaMomb 76 3 years ago. Bedders 77 3 years ago. I've brought forward our mid-month review and updated the tier list to take account of a pretty fast-moving metagame.

Please keep in mind that any comments above this one refer to an older version of the list! BetaMomb 78 3 years ago. Zabusa97 Midrange Hunter is an incredibly strong deck, though.

Hunter is a powerful class at the moment. Zabusa97 79 3 years ago. Bedders I would put it last in tier Bedders 80 3 years ago.

Zabusa97 Try to keep in mind that decks are listed alphabetically within tiers, rather than as an absolute overall list.

I've explained this in the intro but just to be absolutely clear, I'm not suggesting that Midrange Hunter is ranked five spots higher than Taunt Warrior.

Zabusa97 81 3 years ago. Hunter tier 1??? BetaMomb 82 3 years ago. I've played Quest Rogue for a while, and it's a very flexible deck; there's plenty of easy bounce targets and ways to bounce them, and if you don't get any good bounce cards, you can rely on the Flame Elementals from Fire Fly and Igneous Elemental instead.

I can consistently complete my quest by turn 5 or earlier. Taunt Warrior, while a very strong deck that deserves Tier 1, isn't quite as strong as you say it is.

I beat it many times probably more than I lose to it , and I struggle far more against other decks. Heck, yesterday I beat one with ease using a really crummy deck I made for my "Play 50 Paladin Cards" quest.

I've never battled a Midrange Paladin so I can't say I much about it. Murloc Paladin is a very strong deck, but not unbeatable; I've defeated it on quite a few occasions.

Whether it's better than the best is debatable, but it's certainly one of the strongest decks in the game. I agree about Midrange Hunter, though.

However, I think it's still strong past Rank 10 and even to Legend, and not completely shut down by Paladin. BetaMomb 83 3 years ago.

Playing about 5 hours per day all days of April I saw Taunt Warrior is truly better than Quest Rogue, I think it's one of the bests decks these days.

I used this to climb some rank 9 to 7. Murloc is too much powerful and Middle is another "Oh my I think Middle Hunter is very good but kills itself fast.

Just win in turn ou lose in turn I've climbed the ladder of April with it rank 20 to 9 , sometimes it seems be the BEST and the user can think "Nothing can stop me!!

Quest Rogue is truly tier 2 much luck requested. Taunt Warrior is overpower even just really starting to play in turn Bedders 85 3 years ago.

Super quick update. I've made a couple of quick changes regarding Quest Rogue and Taunt Warrior as they're definitely in need of a boost. I don't want to make snap decisions about anything else this late UK time on a Friday though.

I'll bring the planned mid-month update forward and reappraise things on Monday. Things are moving pretty quickly in the metagame right now - especially across different sections of the ladder - and this is going to take a few passes to get just right.

Thanks for your patience and your feedback to of course! I really don't agree with this list at all based on ladder performances.

Being rank 3 on day 4 of the season I tend to see a lot of aggro druid, midrange paladin not really aggro, midrange is definitely a higher tier , pirate warrior, inner fire priest how is this only tier 3?

I never see dragon priest, token shaman, taunt warrior, or tempo based mage decks though. I agree with BetaMomb. Quest Rogue kicks my ass regularly, against other "Tier 1" decks like the Paladin ones.

Are people really seeing that much success with Murloc Paladin? Bedders 88 3 years ago. BetaMomb Good feedback, thanks. Generally speaking I think you can shuffle any deck up or down a rung based on things like general aptitude and personal preferences - also your position on the ladder.

Things can be very different in different sections of the metagame, and it's hard to reflect that in a one-size-fits-all tier list!

I'll be revisiting this again in a couple of week and will take your input on board. BetaMomb 89 3 years ago.

I disagree with a few of these rankings. They're two of the most powerful decks in this meta. Maybe move Miracle Rogue up as well, not sure.

Freeze Mage is a very prominent and frequently used deck in this meta, but Aggro Mage? Eh, not so much. Other than those minor changes, I agree with the list.

Bedders 90 3 years ago. I'll check it out - thanks! New deck I saw first on Kripparrian YouTube channel hemet mage.

Been using it really fun and great if you are seeing lots of quest mage. Forgive the pun. I'm going to try out some other lower tier decks too.

It's great to mix it up, and get some variety in. Bedders 94 3 years ago. Hi folks. Please have a look through the note we've made just above the tier list itself.

We are going to be updating this article on a weekly basis for the month of March, given the state of flux that the metagame currently finds itself in.

As we learn more about the impact of the latest card nerfs, we'll be shuffling decks around accordingly. You should consider to be very much a work in progress, and a list that's not dissimilar to the one we featured at the end of last season.

IceCold-Tx80 95 3 years ago. I love this site, there's no where else that's so user friendly, has a ton of information, and player insight.

Bedders 98 3 years ago. Tyrano12 Thanks for the heads-up, I'll look into it and see about adding it in!

There's still quite a bit of updating to be done on the existing stuff but I'll add it to the list once the initial start-of-month frenzy is behind us!

I wanted to share it with folks. It's a work in progress but is showing some potential, particularly with some really crazy snowballing.

Plays a little like miracle rogue. You want maximum number of spells for the few minions who love em. Could use a few more legends that I don't have.

It's a TON of fun to play. Still working on consistency and surviving the fastest decks. Check it out. Tyrano12 3 years ago. You should add Wirer's N'Zoth Paladin Tier III perhaps?

N'Zoth Paladin with literally no gadgetzan cards, just the original receipe is statistically still a top tier deck Tried it with over games vs.

Perhaps move N'Zoth pally into tier 2 or 3? Or give the deck a whirl and see if you have similar results! Thimns 3 years ago. You have to love it when the deck you're playing doesn't show up on the tier list.

Oh secret mage I will always be your champion even if I don't make it past rank Seriously though it's a fun deck to play if you get tired of tempo Mage And winning consistently.

Bedders 3 years ago. I'll be putting alternative deck lists in there - including budget options - but I won't be able to do big guides for them all.

Just not enough time in the day I'm afraid. I prefer to wait and do it properly, rather than make a knee-jerk reaction.

Thanks for sharing your deck and all of your insight as well. I'm going to properly digest it all before I take the deck back out for a spin Another addition from Karazhan that I am currently using in my version of the deck is Book Wyrm, though I have yet to determine how integral the card is to the deck as a whole.

It could be arguably as integral as, say Twilight Drake, or Azure Drake the latter of which is far less integral to this deck than it is to many other decks since the only card that benefits from its Spell Damage buff is Consecration.

Bedders I am glad to hear that. The deck also received two great additions from Karazhan, being Netherspite Historian and Nightbane Templar. For the deck, I even prefer Nightbane Templar over Blackwing Technician because of the Minion advantage that Templar gives, as opposed to the self-buff that Technician gives.

I'm still unsure where I stand on Deathwing Dragonlord, as I am currently not using him in my version of the deck, because his Deathrattle, while potentially game-winning, doesn't trigger the Battlecries of the Dragons it puts in play.

I'm making the change now and may move it higher in the weeks ahead. Galakrond- und Highlander-Schurken mussten sich im Zuge der Rotation nur von wenigen wichtigen Karten trennen und haben zudem noch mächtige neue Werkzeuge erhalten.

Insbesondere der Highlander-Schurke konnte hier aufgrund seiner Build-Anforderung mit beiden Händen zu schlagen und sowohl das Verstohlenheit-, als auch das Geheimnis-Paket in die Listen zu integrieren.

Natürlich müsst ihr auch bei diesem Highlander-Deck Abzüge in Punkto Verlässlichkeit hinnehmen, insgesamt stellt es jedoch eines der besten Highlander-Decks dar.

Der vergangene Branchenprimus Galakrond-Schurke scheint bislang am besten mit dem Geheimnis-Pakt zu harmonieren, obwohl auch diese Deck-Liste einige der neuen Verstohlenheit-Karten nutzt.

Insbesondere Akama wirkt wie ein guter Leeroy Jenkins Ersatz. Highlander- und Drachen-Jäger haben die Rotation nahezu unversehrt überstanden und finden langsam ihren Weg in die Meta von Hearthstone.

Der Drachen-Jäger sieht sich dieser Aufgabe eher gewachsen und scheint bei den besten Decks mitspielen zu können. Die neuen Spielideen der Ruinen der Scherbenwelt-Erweiterung wirken derweil wenig vielversprechend.

Sowohl die Wildtier-Builds, als auch die Todesröchel-Listen sind noch zu langsam und umständlich. Die Zeit wird uns bei diesen Archetypen zeigen müssen, ob sie mit ein wenig mehr Feinschliff einen Platz in der Meta finden können.

Jaina hatte in den letzen Monaten des vergangenen Jahres nur wenig zu lachen und nach der Ankündigung der ersten Karten der neuen Erweiterung sah es ganz so aus, als würde sich daran so schnell nichts ändern.

Doch siehe da, das Jahr des Phönix hat begonnen und die Magier-Klasse schlägt sich bislang überraschend gut. Mit dem Zauber-Magier konnte sich sogar ein neuer Archetyp etablieren, der sich die wenigen Karten dieser neuen Spielidee nutzbar machen konnte.

Eine Tatsache, die wohl niemand auf dem Zettel gehabt haben dürfte. Doch scheinbar lohnt sich die kreaturenlose Restriktion im Deckbau, um die neuen Karten Born der Macht und Apexisschlag zu aktivieren.

Etwas schlechter, aber dafür wohlbekannt, wirkt derweil der Highlander-Magier. Es liebt die Konfrontation mit kontrollierenden Decks und schwächelt gegen die Aggressiven.

Uther wurde derweil auf eine unangenehmere Art und Weise überrascht. Das von vielen als vielversprechend bewertete Buchband-Paket der neuen Erweiterung scheint zu floppen.

Einzig der Murloc-Paladin sendet derzeit ein Lebenszeichen. Für Paladin-Fans bietet die Deck-Liste aktuell die beste Wahl, insgesamt scheint es für Uther allerdings düster auszusehen.

Kommen wir zu den scheinbaren Schlusslichtern des jungen neuen Jahres. Die Klasse der Krieger hatte sich in den letzten Wochen vor der Rotation noch einmal aufgerafft und insbesondere mit Hilfe ihres Galakrond-Decks überzeugt.

Nach der Rotation scheint der Archetyp allerdings nicht mehr zu funktionieren. Keine der neuen Karten konnte diese Lücken bislang ausreichend füllen, sodass der Galakrond-Krieger nahezu keine Rolle im aktuellen Geschehen von Hearthstone spielt.

Abseits dessen ist Garrosh bislang noch nichts Neues eingefallen. In Sachen Krieger muss sich die Community also noch etwas einfallen lassen!

Ähnlich hoffnungslos erscheint die Lage im Lager der Schamanen zu sein. Einige der neuen Karten haben zur Wiederbelebung des Galakrond-Archetyps eingeladen, signifikante Erfolge bleiben allerdings bislang noch aus.

Was bleibt dann noch für Thrall? Beide Deck-Ansätze werden aktuell noch entwickelt und könnten eventuell wettkampftauglich werden. Die Chancen dafür sind aber vergleichsweise gering, im Kampf um die Spitzenplätze der kommenden Meta dürftet ihr die Schamanen-Klasse vergeblich suchen.

Illidan ist der zehnte Held im Bunde der Heroes of Warcraft. In den ersten Stunden der Ruinen der Scherbenwelt-Erweiterung wirkte es allerdings bald so, als sei er der einzige Held von Hearthstone.

Gleich vier Deck-Listen etablierten sich in den frühen Zügen der Erweiterung, wobei wir hier die zwei Erfolgreichsten bzw.

Dieses reine Aggro-Deck definiert sich durch eine Flut kleiner und manaeffizienter Kreaturen, die es schon ab dem ersten Zug etablieren kann.

Zeckt sich dieser Archetyp erst einmal auf dem Board fest, gibt es nur wenig Chancen für das Gegenüber. Hinzu kommt noch die Heldenfähigkeit von Illidan, die gute Trades vorbereiten kann und gleichzeitig noch durch Karten wie Kampfscheusal und Satyraufseher eure Armee aufwertet.

Anders als bei anderen Aggro-Decks könnt ihr bedenkenlos alles aufs Spielfeld werfen, was euch in die Finger kommt, da ihr mühelos neue Karten nachziehen könnt.

Ach und hab ich schon den potentiellen Schaden erwähnt, den ihr direkt von der Hand verursachen könnt? Metamorphose , Kriegsgelven von Azzinoth und Kayn Sonnenzorn machen es möglich.

Wie vorab schon erwähnt, Dämonen Jäger können direkt von der Hand beachtlichen Schaden verursachen. Doch anders als andere Kombo-Decks braucht ihr für diesen Spielansatz keinen mühseligen Kontroll-Plan, nein, ihr zieht einfach binnen weniger Züge euer gesamtes Deck und leitet spätestens im achten Zug den K.

Das erschreckende an diesem Archetyp ist, mit welch einer Verlässlichkeit er dieses optimale Szenario erreichen kann.

Und dank Kayn Sonnenzorn können sich die Kontrahenten noch nicht einmal hinter Spott-Kreaturen verstecken. Einziger Nachteil an dieser Liste ist, dass sie euch einiges an Hirnschmalz abverlangt.

Denkt man nur eine Erweiterung zurück, ist es kaum vorstellbar, dass Thrall keine Rolle in der aktuellen Meta spielt. Doch hier sind wir nun und der Galakrond-Schamane bleibt ein Schatten seiner einst übermächtigen Selbst.

Und doch scheint die Community den Archetypen noch nicht aufgeben zu haben. Neben den bereits bekannten Galakrond-Synergien beinhalten die neuen Listen ein kleines Evolutions-Paket rund um die Newcomer Sumpfstrokrassle r und Sumpfdornschlagring.

Dafür kehren auch die Wüstenhasen zu ihrem einstigen Meister zurück und auch Schreckenskorsar findet einen Weg in das Schamanen-Deck.

Insbesondere die Piraten-Karte kann in Kombination mit Sumpfdornschlagring für einen soliden Zug sorgen. Abseits dessen bleibt der grundlegende Spielplan des Galakrond-Schamanen erhalten.

Kann das funktionieren? Egal ob Manafluttotem oder Ü. Mit diesen Ressourcen und einer kleinen Armee aufgemotzter Totems möchte der Totem-Schamane letztlich mit Vessina die Partie entscheiden.

So gut die Buchband-Karten vor dem Start der neuen Erweiterungen anmuteten, so sehr scheinen sie in der Praxis zu enttäuschen.

Neutrale Karten mussten her und verleihen dem jungen Archetypen einen kontrollierenden Spielplan. So bleiben die interessanten Buchband-Karten leider nur interessant, eine Wettkampffähigkeit scheint noch in weiter Ferne zu liegen.

An diesem Archetypen muss Uther noch arbeiten, wenn er damit ganz oben mitspielen möchte. Deutlich weniger Arbeit erfordert hingegen der Murloc-Paladin.

Die etablierte neutrale Armee von Murlocs gepaart mit einigen Newcomern der Paladin-Klasse schnüren ein schmuckloses, aber effektives Gesamtpaket.

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